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A CSSI Celebration of Art and Science

On a sunny day in April this past spring, a group of mostly Italian scientists and the CSSI Council met in a special location in Rome to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the the discovery of the heat shock response by Ferruccio Ritossa.  But we learned that for his Italian colleagues, the discovery has additional significance.  The 1962 paper describing the discovery was the first from the group of young Italian scientists trained in modern molecular biology.  They wanted to say a special thanks to Ferruccio.  In addition to his role as a pioneering geneticist, Ferruccio is a master sculptor, and so he requested that the event include not only an auditorium for presentations but also exhibit space for some of his sculptures.  M. Gabriella Santoro found the perfect space in Rome, as you can see in the video, Rome 2013, A CSSI Celebration(Click on title to see video).  The symposium was titled “The Art of Living with Stress:  A Lesson from Ferruccio Ritossa”, and indeed, Ferruccio is still teaching us new things about stress responses.  In highlighting our science along with music, poetry and sculpture in a setting dedicated to the Pax Romana, we celebrate art and science, two human activities in the modern world that are still capable of bringing people from all over the world together in peace and harmony.  I think that you will agree with me that Gabriella and her colleague A.P. of VideoWorksRoma captured this theme beautifully in the video they produced.