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CSSI Medalist Susan Lindquist Plenary Speaker at AAAS Meeting

Susan Lindquist, Distinguished Lifetime Member of the CSSI, and also a founding member of the Editorial Board of Cell Stress & Chaperones will be the Plenary Speaker on Sunday, February 16, at the 2014 annual meeting of the AAAS in Chicago.  Susan will talk about her amazing odyssey from the stress responses of yeast and their prion-like particles all the way to human neurons in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.  Colleagues in our field have known for years that Susan is a true treasure to science and to our field in particular.  On a number of occasions the Lindquist lab has taken the lead in moving our field in exciting new directions.  At the first CSSI Congress, held in Quebec in 2003, Susan was awarded the second CSSI Medallion for career achievement.  The first awardee of the medallion was Takashi Yura in recognition of his pioneering work on the E. coli heat shock response.  Both are shown with me in the photograph below taken just before her keynote address that opened this meeting.