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2012: Fifty Years of Heat Shock

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the heat shock response by Ferruccio Ritossa.  The celebration has already started with the awarding of the CSSI Medallion to Ferruccio in his hometown of Dozza, Italy, in October of 2010.  Then, at the Fifth CSSI Congress held in Québec City in August of 2011, a session commemorating the discovery was held. The party continues this year with the publication in Cell Stress & Chaperones of an article summarizing the session entitled “Ferruccio Ritossa’s scientific legacy 50 years after his discovery of the heat shock response: a new view of biology, a new society, and a new journal”.  This Open Access article is now available on Springer On-Line First (here).  The print version will be out soon in volume 17, issue 2 of Cell Stress & Chaperones. It has been a pleasure to reconnect with Ferruccio who has become an accomplished artist following his retirement from science.  We are delighted to post a webpage devoted to Ferruccio Ritossa, Sculptor.  Just click in the Home Page menu above to enjoy the fusion of biology and art that is the sculpture of Ferruccio Ritossa.