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Ninth International Workshop on Stress Responses in Biology and Medicine

The Cell Stress Society International is not a ‘Johnny come lately’ to South America.  Two earlier international workshops have laid the groundwork.  The first was in Mendoza, Argentina in 2001, organized by Professor Daniel Ciocca and the second was in Concepción, Chile in 2006, organized by Professor Antonio De Maio and Dr. Virginia Vega.  These workshops laid the groundwork for the Ninth CSSI International Workshop, held recently in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and organized by Professor Cristina Bonorino.  The Brazil workshop had over 200 participants and a record number of them signed up for membership in the CSSI.  There were excellent talks and posters, collaborations were made that will undoubtedly last for many years, and there were a variety of opportunities to learn about Brazilian culture, an important aspect of these workshops.

Perhaps, most significant for the future of the cellular stress response field in South America, there was a luncheon meeting of the participants from countries in South America chaired by Professor Antonio De Maio.  The attendees voted to start a South American chapter of CSSI.  They decided to form an organizing committee with one member from each of the participating countries.  The first chairman was elected, Dr. Maria Bausero, from Uruguay.  It was proposed and agreed upon that the next South American Chapter Meeting will by in Montevidéo, Uruguay, in 2014.  We applaud the success of our colleagues from South America in reaching this historic decision.

A selection of photos from the workshop taken by Larry Hightower along with Leigh and Adam Moyers follows: