Presidents of the CSSI

1999 – Larry Hightower (USA), Founding President

2000 – Takashi Yura (Japan)

2001 – Richard Morimoto (USA)

2002 – Robert M. Tanguay (Canada)

2003 – Olivier Bensaude (Europe)

2004 – Kazuhiro Nagata (Japan)

2005 – Stuart Calderwood (USA)

2006 – Peter Csermely (Europe)

2007 – Gabriele Multhoff (Europe)

2008 – Noriyuki Sato (Japan)

2009-10 – Antonio De Maio (USA)

2011-12 – Robert M. Tanguay (Canada)

2013-2014 – A. Graham Pockley (UK)

A Brief History of the CSSI: Ten Years and Counting

2009 was the tenth anniversary of the Cell Stress Society International (CSSI).  It is not by chance that we celebrated this event in Asia and especially in Japan.  The idea to organize an international cell stress society has it roots deep in Asia and in three events in particular.  The first event was the launch by Churchill Livingstone publishers of the journal Cell Stress & Chaperones in the fall of 1995 at the urging of attendees at an international meeting in Japan earlier that year.  By 1999, the CSSI had taken ownership of its journal, assuring its successful survival.  Takashi Yura was appointed Asia-Australia Regional Editor, and all of his successors have been Japanese scientists, including our current regional editor, Kazuhiro Nagata.  These appointments acknowledged the major contributions that Japanese scientists have made to the cellular stress response field and their scientific leadership, especially in greater Asia.  The second event was the first World Congress of Stress, organized by Peter Csermely in Budapest in 1997.  With an attendance twice the size of the largest previous meeting, the Budapest meeting demonstrated that there was great interest and enthusiasm from the global scientific community to support and attend international meetings in our field.  The third event was a workshop entitled “Molecular Biology of Stress Responses”, held in Varanasi later in 1997, and organized by Subhash Lakotia (India) at the encouragement of Wolfgang Schumann (Germany).  Workshop participants agreed on the value of continuing these workshops in developing countries with an emphasis on giving international students access to our field.  By the second international workshop organized by Tangchun Wu and Robert M. Tanguay in Wuhan, P.R. China in 1999, the CSSI was a reality and the Wuhan workshop became the first event officially sponsored by the Society.  With the sponsorship of the CSSI, the international workshops have continued with the third held in Mendoza, Argentina (Daniel Ciocca, organizer), the fourth in Wuhan, P.R. China (Tangchun Wu, organizer), the fifth in Concepción, Chile (Antonio De Maio, organizer), the sixth in Bangkok, Thailand (Wolfgang Schumann and , organizers) and the seventh in South Korea (organized by Eunil Lee).  On a larger scale, the First CSSI International Congress (Quebec, 2003) was organized by Robert M. Tanguay.  The Second CSSI International Congress (Tomar, Portugal, 2005) was organized by Claudina Rodriguez-Pousada, the third in Budapest (2007) by Peter Csermely as part of the Second World Congress of Stress, and the Fourth CSSI International Congress in Sapporo (2009), was organized by Noriyuki Sato.  The upcoming Fifth CSSI Congress (2011), organized by Robert M. Tanguay, will be held in Quebec City.  The CSSI Medallion for career achievement has been awarded to Takashi Yura, Susan Lindquist, Aaron Ciechanover, John Ellis, Costa Georgopoulos and Ferruccio Ritossa.  The Alfred Tissières Young Investigator Award has gone to  Anton Vila-Sanjorjo, Ellen Nollen and Wanping Xu.  The Society continues to grow both in numbers and in international stature.  For example, The Korean Cell Stress Society was formed recently by Donggeun Sul and colleagues with the plan to affiliate with the CSSI.  At the Quebec Congress, we will celebrate fifteen years of publishing Cell Stress & Chaperones journal. Currently our society-owned journal is published and distributed globally by Springer.  We will also celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of the Heat Shock Response by Ferruccio Ritossa.  The celebration has already started with the awarding of the CSSI Medallion in Bologna this past fall to Ferruccio in recognition of his pioneering work.  Both anniversaries will be featured during the Fifth CSSI International Congress in Quebec City this August (2011).


In Memorium

David Antony Walsh

1945 – 2000

David with the Bushfire print, the logo of the 5th IFTS Scientific Conference, which he organized in Sydney in 1997.

David’s family and colleagues have set up the David Walsh Memorial Fund at the University of New South Wales to help fund a research student each year to continue David’s research interests. The address is:

The David Walsh Memorial Fund
c/o Lorraine Brooks
School of Anatomy
The University of New South Wales
Sydney 2052, NSW, Australia