Sixth Cell Stress Society International Congress, Sheffield, UK,  18-22 August, 2013

Open letter from Professor A. Graham Pockley, Congress Chairman and Organizer

Dear CSSI Colleague

As the The VIth International Congress on Stress Proteins in Biology and Medicine ( in Sheffield is now a year away, it is time to begin plans in earnest.

Click here to visit the Chromocyte website and download the latest announcement of the Congress there.

I see that the key aim of my tenure as President of the CSSI is to increase the engagement of the next generation, and CSSI 2013 will therefore focus on this group. For this to work, we need to have as many presentations from the talented pool of Graduate Students and Postdocs that is undoubtedly out there and an understanding from our more established colleagues that there will be a reduced number of invited talks and some new types of sessions that are more inclusive of individuals from peripheral areas and disciplines.

The meeting content will be driven by submitted abstracts and preference given to the young. The Congress will also include significant educational components which extend beyond the provision of specific data in a specific area.

The programme will comprise structured 2-hour sessions, each of which includes a highly focussed invited talk from individuals who can put each field and the talks within the session into an historical context (one of the session Chairs), with the remaining content being provided by ‘the next generation’. The intention is for the Congress to provide an excellent overview of the Cell Stress Response and encourage individuals to attend and join the field. The Congress will be held in state-of-the-art conference facilities at the University of Sheffield so that the cost of attending can be reduced as much as possible and the widest level of participation encouraged.

I would therefore be happy to receive proposals for innovative and exciting sessions which can be considered for inclusion in the programme. It is particulary important to provide information on the aims and objectives of the session and the strategy that will be adopted in order to involve younger researchers – this might include suggesting potential speakers. It is also important that the concept of each session is formulated to encourage discussion and debate.

I look forward to hearing from you!

With best wishes